Welcome to Radley Juniors 2017

The Radley staff have arrived and are busy getting ready for their students.  From tomorrow Radley 2017 will officially be open! Get ready for 5 weeks of creative classes, fun activities, exciting excursions and lots more.

Each week the Radley Juniors course has a theme, which is used for not just the English Skills lessons but also for the workshops, societies, activities and excursions. Week one's theme is animals and the environment, with an excursion to Marwell Zoo on Thursday. In the picture below, 'How many staff can you find with animal masks on?'

Reply to this blog with the correct number of staff with animal masks and win a prize when you arrive at Radley.
(click image to enlarge)


  1. Replies
    1. Great guess Yan Linn, but no quite right. Maybe somebody else will guess right!!!!!!!

    2. Another good guess, but not quite right. Try enlarging the image by clicking on it to see in more detail.


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