Super Saturday

The students have been extremely busy all day, expending plenty of energy and having so much fun.

The day started with a 'Kahoot' quiz at the morning meeting (an on-line learning system) that was won by the Yellow Lions, with the Blue Eagles a close second. Then English Skills for the morning before continuing with their workshops, where some students made lemonade the natural way. 

Later in the afternoon the students chose one of the multi activities; either football, Frisbee or to just relax on the lawn after such a busy day. 

Jumping for joy
In the girls house, they made decorations and elected their queen. 
The photo also shows the 'Star of the Day', Carlotta from Mexico.

 The boys will elect their king of the week on Sunday evening and also start the table tennis, pool and table football competitions.

After note: The Pool Party was great, as well as refreshing. I am amazed at how brave some of the students are when jumping off the diving boards. After a good swim it was into the massive sports hall for badminton, basketball and 5 aside football. I am sure the students will sleep well tonight, before they set off on their excursion tomorrow.